30 thoughts for 30, pt. 5

My birthday sign

I made it.  I made it to 30.  I never really doubted it, but I am glad to make it.  I know this is a few days late, but I am finally posting my final post in the series.  This post will also serve as a birthday wrap up since I had a pretty exciting birthday    I had such a fun day.  I ran 3.15 miles on my birthday morning before I went with Leah and our friend Ryan to eat at a restaurant called Elizabeth’s  It is a new favorite, and all you need to know is that they have praline bacon.  Everything else is good, but that is the best reason to go.

Leah and I shared their praline bacon and Bananas Foster stuffed french toast

Leah and I shared their praline bacon and Bananas Foster stuffed french toast.

After breakfast, Leah and I had to go to work until five.  Fortunately at my job, we celebrate birthdays well.  We had homemade fried rice and gumbo, and we had mint puppy chow and banana nut muffins.  After work, we went with some friends to eat downtown before our concert.  Overall, the day was really long, but a lot of fun.  I am so thankful for all the birthday wishes, food, and fellowship.  Thanks to my mom for sending me baby pictures and putting some on Facebook.  Thanks to the Mrs. for making the day so special.


Here are my final six thoughts…

  1. I miss the innocence of my childhood. I miss playing with my action figures and toy cars.  I miss being oblivious to world crises.  Now it is so easy to be discouraged by events taking place.  I really do miss that innocence.
  2. Some days I want to be an adult, and some days I don’t.  I like getting the perks of being an adult, and having a job.  I don’t like paying bills or dealing with conflict.  Some days being an adult is a lot of fun, and some days it is really hard.  I am thankful for those adults that have taught me what it means to be an adult.  I have learned a lot lately in how to handle conflict and interpersonal relationships.  It has been some of the hardest lessons to learn, but it has also been some of the most rewarding.
  3. Laziness is bad news.  Laziness ruins days and causes stress.  Some days I am very motivated, and some days I only want to be in bed and eat terrible food.  I am still learning how to overcome laziness, but hopefully I can learn soon enough.  I don’t want to push things off until the last minute any more.
  4. I love the places I have traveled too.  In our time in New Orleans, I have gotten to travel to some fun places.  Last year on my birthday I was in Toronto, ON, CA. for a school trip.  I had a lot of fun there, and I will always remember the pizza party we had while we watched The Empire Strikes Back on the TV.   The next month The Mrs. and I visited Los Angeles on another school trip.  I have also visited Western Canada, Alaska, and Seattle on mission trips.  I traveled up the New England coast while in high school.  I love traveling, and  hope to continue to visit new places for the rest of my life.
  5. There are so many other places I want to go.  My first thought is the Grand Canyon.  I really want to go visit out there.  I also want to visit the British Isles.   There is so much history there.  I could list many other places, but there is only limited space available.
  6. The hard things are what matter.  A coworker recently asked me why I would run a half-marathon if it hurt so much.  I let them know that it was worth the pain.  After I said that, I began to think about that.  It is the hard things that help develop stronger relationships.  It is the hard things that help athletes reach new levels.

This wraps up this series of 30 thoughts at 30, and I hope you had as much fun reading these thoughts as I did writing about them.  I would love you hear your thoughts on any of these subjects.

Where do you want to travel?

Where is your favorite place you have visited?


30 thoughts for 30, pt. 4

Well this week had moved along smashingly.  I can’t believe that tomorrow is my birthday.  It seems like the Mrs. and I have some fun things planned for tomorrow.  I’m pretty excited.  Today I am going to share some thoughts about entertainment/culture.   I don’t really know where this came from in all honesty.  I don’t consider myself an expert on social media or entertainment.  Maybe it came from a recent discussion we had in a class on the role of entertainment.  Maybe it came from loving to watch tv shows and movies.  Maybe it cam because most of the world is tied to social media.  Who knows, but here goes nothing…

  1. Things don’t matter.  I really think most people agree with this statement.  I like having nice things, and I hope to have the nice house, 2.5 kids, with the backyard and dog and all that stuff, but it won’t complete me.  The best way I know to say this is, I don’t want things to define who I am and my relationships with people.  I want to invest in people and things that will last longer than me or anyone else.
  2. I have a love/hate relationship with technology.  I love what it can do for me, but I hate being tied to it.  We all have gadgets, and a lot of people continually get new gadgets, but I think we realize that they don’t really mean anything.  I want to invest my time in people and meaningful things instead of having cool things.  Of course I say this while writing from my laptop with my iPhone sitting beside me.  I realize some of these things we need today, but I don’t want to be tied to them.
  3. I’m amazed at how TV characters have shaped my life. I really don’t know where to even start with this.  I grew up watching TV.  I love movies, and I am still trying to write a post about one of my characters of all time, Rocky Balboa.  Recently, there have been a couple of characters that I have been drawn to more than others.  One of my favorite shows is Parks & Rec.  Ron Swanson is a character that is 110% man.  Nick Offerman, the actor, does a great job playing his character.  He is very dry, and in a lot of ways, though not all, I like his outlook on life and politics.  He is just a great character for a hilarious TV show.  The other character is not on TV anymore, but you might remember Michael Scott.  A lot of times I felt like the writers of the show tried to put him in the worst, most awkward situation possible.  He acted like a five year old, most of the time.  He was crass often, but always funny and ridiculous.  He was often in over his head at his job, but he always loved his co-workers, except for Toby of course.  I felt like I could identify with him in a lot of situations where he had no clue what he was doing.  That is how I felt a lot of times when I worked at the church.  I loved the kids I worked with at the church, but I often felt like I was in way over my head.  There have been others, but these stick out the most right now.
  4. I love Psych.  Speaking of good characters, my favorite show is Psych.  This show is so funny.  The dialogue is so funny and fast paced.  The creators are very interactive with the fans through social media.  One of my favorite parts of the show is the development of the relationship between the main character, Shawn, and his dad, Henry.  At the very beginning of the show, they have been recently reunited.  It is a rocky relationship for a long time, but over the course of the show, both characters grow a lot.  If you have not seen it, go watch it today, or come over to the apartment and we will watch a couple of episodes.
  5. ‘Man or Muppet’ is one of my favorite movie songs ever.  In all honesty, I was struggling for the last few thoughts, so I was looking around my apartment for inspiration and came across our DVD of the Muppets.  The Mrs. and I loved the new movie and our favorite part of the movie is the song.  It is so funny, and I was so glad it won an Oscar for best song.
  6. Social media might take over the world.  Like I said, I was struggling for the last few points, but I am just amazed at how much social media has grown.  Just think, 10 years ago it barely existed.  Now it is a huge industry.  People get paid to play on Facebook and Twitter.  I wonder where it goes from here…

That was fun.  Tomorrow I wrap this puppy up.  It will be sharing some random thoughts on life.  Thanks for reading.

What do you think of social media?

Do you have a favorite TV show?

The Week Before the Race

On Sunday, Feb. 24, me and the Mrs. will run our biggest race, by far.  We are running the Mardi Gras Half-Marathon, which is around 20,000 runners strong.  This is absolutely crazy to us, because it has happened so fast.  For my half-marathon, I literally started from scratch in May.  I ran all summer to get my mileage up to where I could begin training for the half in August.  I have to confess running last summer and fall is one of my favorite things I have done in my life.  Maybe I will write more about it later.

I say all of that to say that every part of the preparation was organized and planned out.  For this race, however, I did not think I would run it until the beginning of the year, but I did not find out I would run until last week.  I had been running, but not with a training plan.  So now we are to the week before the race, and I the longest I have run is eight miles.  Tomorrow morning I am planning on running ten.

As excited about my first half as I was, I might be a little more excited to run this one because it means my first race was not a one and done situation.  Sometimes I think the second one is harder than the first.  I am also excited to see what it is like to run a race this big. And finally, I get to run parts of the city I have not run yet which is a goal for the year.

Have you run a half-marathon, or multiple half-marathons?

Which one was harder?

Motivating Monday-I Can Plod

Mrs. Frazier and I went to run on a new trail this past Saturday.  We have run at City Park before, but they recently built a new one mile loop walking/bike path.  We were excited.  City Park had been our long run spot until we moved to another park in the city, so it was like seeing an old friend.  Anyways, we got started later than we had hoped, and it was already unseasonably warm even for New Orleans in January.  So we started our run, and it hurt.  I mean it was one of those runs where you never hit your stride.  This has happened to me before but usually when I had not run in a while.   I just felt heavy, like I was carrying extra weight.  I made it to about 3.5 miles before I caught up to the Mrs., and she had been struggling as well, so we walked.  Both of us were discouraged, and eventually completed one more lap before we stopped.  We were both a little discouraged, but we talked through it, and we just said that some days are just tough days.  Could we have eaten better, or drank more water? Sure.  Today was just a one of those days though.  I am always encouraged when I get to talk with the Mrs. about these runs, and it is always a growing experience.  Not everyday can be a PR, but it makes those days even better.

Also, as I was plodding along laps, I couldn’t help but think of two different characters I admire.  One of them is real, and one is only real in DVD library.  The first one is William Carey, considered the first modern Christian missionary to India.  One of his famous quotes was, “I can plod.  I can persevere to any definite pursuit.”  Two things: first, I do not compare my running ability to what William Carey accomplished.  He set the stage for all missionaries today, and I am thankful for his desire to follow the Lord in his pursuit.  His story is one of perseverance through unthinkable trials and setbacks.  If you don’t know his story, I strongly encourage you to read about him.  Second, sometimes I feel like my running style most emulates plodding, such as this past Saturday.  I like Carey’s attitude though.  Never Stop. Be Consistent.  This is how I want to live my life, not just my running.  I don’t want discouragement or other things to distract me from goals.  So my plodding Saturday motivates me in two ways:

  • Bad running days make good running days even better.
  • Plodding along, though slow, is still persevering.

P.S. I will talk about the other character next week.  Here is a clue, He is my favorite boxer who owns an Italian restaurant where most of the staff is Hispanic.  Be excited.